Die With Glory

DevGAMM: Showcase Member GamesJamKanobu: First Place (Excellence in Art) White Nights: Showcase Member
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Development Progress

  • 12/01/14 Development
  • 04/21/15 Early pre-alpha gameplay demo for GamesJamKanobu
  • 05/15/15 Participating
    in DevGAMM
  • 06/26/15 Participating
    in White Nights
  • Q3/16 Steam
  • Q3/16 iOS
  • Q3/16 Android

Die With Glory is an adventure game with non-linear storyline set in fantasy world based on mix of european folklore and modern pop-culture.

The game will tell the story of old viking who lived a glorious life of a brave warrior and now is eager to reach Valhalla.

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